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A Govt. of Bihar Undertaking

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Headline : Bakhtiyarpur I & D
Tender No. : IFB.No. BUIDCo/Yo-997/19-05
Details : (i) Design and build Sewage Treatment Plant of installed capacity 10 MLD and all appurtenant structures and allied works and Main Pumping Station; (ii) Survey, review the designs, redesign where necessary, andconstruction of interception & diversion structures at six outfall points including survey, review the designs, redesign where necessary the underground drainage networks and all appurtenant structures and allied works, rising main, controlled with scada(iii) Operation & Maintenance of the complete works of Sewage Treatment Plant, Interception & Diversion works, Underground Drainage Network and Main Pumping Station for a period of 15 years in Bakhtiyarpur town, state of Bihar , India. Period for design/ redesign, build, test and commissioning is 12 months and operation and maintenance period is 15 Years.
Opening Date and Time : 2/26/2019 , 03:00 PM Closing Date and Time : 2/26/2019 ,
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