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A Govt. of Bihar Undertaking

Our Team

NameDesignationMobile NoEmail-Id

Sri Amrendra Prasad Singh
Managing Director 8544413101,

Sri Madan Mohan Kumar
Chief General Manager 8544413102

General Manager (Admin) 8544413128

Shri Suryakant
General Manager (Tech.) 8544413010

Shri Suryakant
General Manager (Works) 8544413110

CA.Sudhir Kumar
General Manager (Finance) 8544413109

Mrs Ruchika Prakash Kalra
Company Secretary 8544413114

CA Dhiraj Kumar
Manager (Finance) 8544413117

CA Md Mahtab Alam
Manager (Finance) 8544413116

Sri Nilabh Dhruva
Manager (Legal) 8544413118

Er Kumar Vivek
Manager (IT) 8544413112

Er Md Ayaz Ahmad
EA(Projects) to MD 8544413115

Manish Kumar
Project Director 9102679999

Om Prakash Singh
Project Director 8544413110

Er. Sandip Kumar
Project Director 8544413106

Er Rakesh Kumar
Project Director 8544413107

Shri Suryakant
Project Director

Shri Uday Kumar Das
Project Director 8544402067

Deputy Project Director 8544413119

Er Rajeeb Kumar Deo
Deputy Project Director 8544413120

Er Anil Kumar
Deputy Project Director 9386484581

Er Anand Mohan Singh
Deputy Project Director 8544413123

Jitendra Kumar
Deputy Project Director 8544413127

Er Chandradeep Kumar
Deputy Project Director 8544413124

Shailendra Narayan Dubey
Deputy Project Director 8544413126

Sri Vijay Kumar
Deputy Project Director 8544413125

Er Ratnesh Kumar
Deputy Project Director 7858826791

Abhay Kumar Pandey
Deputy Project Director 8544413147

Rahul Roshan
Deputy Project Director

Ashok Kumar
Deputy Project Director

Amit Kumar Singh
Deputy Project Director 8544413122

Ajay Kumar
Deputy Project Director

Er Rakesh Kumar
Deputy Project Director (NGRBA) 7488568021

Rana Chandra kamal
Deputy Project Director (NGRBA) 8544413143

Deputy Project Director (NGRBA) 8544413144

Md. Zahid Ahmad
Deputy Project Director (NGRBA) 8544413146

Manish Kumar Srivastava
Deputy Project Director (NGRBA) 8544413142

Jagat Kishore
Asst Project Director 8544413148

Rajan Kumar Shaw
Accountant 8544413181

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Accountant 8544413149

Md Aqueel Ahmad
Accountant 8544413150

Deepak Kumar Rajak
Accountant 8544413152

Ritu Rani
Office Executive 8544413153

Mukesh Kumar Singh
Office Executive 8544413154

Deepu Kumar
Office Executive 8544413156

Bhanu Pratap Sinha
Office Executive 8544413157

Sanjay Kumar Verma
Office Executive 8544413133

Samrat Bose
Office Executive 8544413160

Madhukant Kumar
Office Executive 8544413155

Amit Kumar Verma
Office Executive 8544413162

Rajiv Ranjan Prasad
Office Executive 8544413158

Om Shankar Dayal
Office Executive 8544413161

Chandan Kumar Navin
Office Executive 8544413164

Santosh Kumar
Office Executive 8544413168

Bibha Kumari
Office Executive 9934483449

Priyanka Kumari
Office Executive 8544413167

Ajay Kumar Upadhyay
Office Executive 8544413179

Raj Kumar
Office Executive

Pradeep Kumar
Office Executive

Office Executive

Rajan Kumar Sharma
Office Executive 8544413159
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