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Bhagalpur Water Supply Project Phase-2 (BWSP-2) under Tranche 2:


The ongoing scheme for water supply improvement in Bhagalpur (BWSP1) includes overall distribution network rehabilitation and expansion, including rehabilitation of the existing water treatment facilities, construction of overhead tanks and distribution networks, bulk water metering and house connections.


Bhagalpur Water Supply Project Phase-2 (BWSP-2) under Tranche 2 , the bulk water supply scheme for Bhagalpur to supplement BWSP 1, will consist of the following (i) construction of new twin D type intake; (ii) one Jack well and pump house; (iii) installation of 6 raw water pumps and 13 clear water pumps; (iv) construction of 2.55 km of raw water transmission mains and  28.7 km clear water  transmission mains; (v) construction of a water treatment plant of around 90 MLD capacity; (vi) construction of clear water reservoir of around 9.1 ML; and (vii) installation of SCADA system.

The specific objectives of BWSP 2 are:

·          Creation of new water sources by constructing Intake well   on the Bank of Gang  River for catering the needs of Bhagalpur Town for the  year 2047 requirements.

·          Treatment of water as per the standard of CHHEEO manual

·           Efficient supply of water both with respect to the quantities of water supplied as well as the energy used for water supply from the newly created water sources to all the storage reservoirs.

·           Efficient transmission of water to the Service area. Through overhead tank

·           A reliable supply of good quality drinking water compliant with Indian water quality standards.


The Scope of Services shall include all technical, managerial, administrative, commercial, environmental, and social interventions as required in accordance with acceptable, prudent water utility construction and management practices, ensuring safe and sustainable drinking water supply services to the Consumers in the Service Area.


Project Status:


1)     List of participating bidders:

              i.        M/s VA Tech WABAG Limited, WABAG house no17, 200ft thoraipakkam, Pallavaram, Main Road, Sunnambu kolathur, Chennai-600117, Tamilnadu

             ii.        M/s Technofab Engineering limited in JV with M/s Hebei water conservancy Engineering Bureau China.

2)     The Contract has been awarded M/s VA Tech WABAG Limited, WABAG house no17, 200ft thoraipakkam, Pallavaram,Main Road, Sunnambu kolathur, Chennai-600117, Tamilnaduon 17 June 2020 for Rs277.59 Croreson design, build and operate basis.


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