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Gaya Water Supply Project – Package1 (GWSP-1)


The overall objective of the 24x7 Gaya Water Supply Project (GWSP) is to deliver a continuous, pressurized supply of safe water to the entire population of Gaya. The GWSP will be executed in two packages and under two separate contracts. Infrastructure component of GWSP1 includes rehabilitation of the existing water source works and construction of water distribution system including transmission mains and distribution network, storage reservoirs, standpipes and metered household connections. Infrastructure component of GWSP2 will provide new water source works and transmission mains for the supply of bulk water to the Gaya water distribution system. The construction periods of Packages 1 and 2 are expected to be coterminous, such that bulk water extracted from the new water source works under Package 2 will be supplied to the water supply system developed under Package 1. As a part of the Package 1 works, certain supply points are identified to connect to the Package 2 transmission.


Infrastructure component of GWSP1 includes rehabilitation of the existing water source works including the (i) refurbishment of 29 tube wells, with 68 MLD combined capacity; (ii) installation of around 39 flow meters;  (iii) demolition of 5 pump houses and construction of 9 new pump houses;  (iv) construction of 16.5 km transmission/ rising mains; (v) construction of 447.8 km of distribution network  (v) connection and metering of around 75,000 households (HHs); (vi) provision of 200 stand posts; (vii) construction of 32 monitoring stations; (vii) construction of 6 new overhead storage tanks of 10.95 ML capacity and 3 ground level storage reservoirs of total 11.88 ML; and (ix) construction and management of 5  customer service center.


Project Status:

·                List of participating bidders:

1.     M/s Gannon Dunkerley, Chennai 

2.     M/s Shriram EPC Limited, Chennai

·                The Contract has been awarded to M/s Shriram EPC Limited, Chennai on 11 January 2018 for Rs    Crores. 311.78


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