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A Govt. of Bihar Undertaking


Department : ADB

Objectives, impact and outcome


·         The ultimate objective of BUDIP is to contribute to the “sustainable economic growth through improved quality of urban life”. Initially, the investment program was to improve and expand the water and sewerage infrastructure in two towns, i.e. in Bhagalpur and Gaya. 

·         BUDIP will also assist the urban local bodies (ULB) of the project towns in bringing about operational discipline and structure, which will ensure sustainable operation and maintenance of the facilities.

·         The impact of BUDIP will be improved access to water supply and sanitation facilities by the urban population of the relatively poor and weak capacity state of Bihar.

·         The expected outcome will be access to better quality and sustainable urban water supply and sewerage services for people, especially vulnerable households, in the project towns covered under the program.


The five outputsof the BUDIP are:



Improved water supply infrastructure

To address inadequacy in new investment, as an immediate solution, new raw water intakes, clear water pumping mains, water treatment plants, overhead tanks, distribution networks and water meters will be developed and procured in Bhagalpur and Gaya.

Improved sewerage infrastructure

To address inadequacy in new investment, new house connections, sewer networks, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, maintenance equipment will be developed and procured in Gaya.

O&M of assets created by sub-projects improved

To address deficiency in O&M staff number and skills, all major infrastructures will be constructed and operated by DBO contractors, which will field additional O&M staff and provide on-the-job training to ULB staff for at least 5 years. Also, permanent ULB staff under the municipal civil servant system will take technical courses in India to upgrade their qualifications for asset operations.

Urban service delivery management improved

To introduce metered user charges, computerized billing and reserve accounts for water supply and sewerage, the program will prepare long-term business plans, user charge plans and proposals for creation of water and sewerage accounts for consideration and adoption by the ULBs.

Project management,  implementation  skills and transparency improved

To enhance the executing agency accountability to the financers and the people of Bihar, and to strengthen the implementing agency contract management and subproject formulation, teams of consultants will provide the executing and implementing agencies with support and on-the-job training through day-to-day collaboration.

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